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Easy 4-Ingredient Homemade Keto Mayo (This is the best!)

By Bree

As a serial sandwich maker, I have taken it upon myself to find the best keto bread alternatives and spreads out there. When I couldn’t find suitable replacements, I would make my own and tweak recipes endlessly to get them just right. That’s exactly what happened with this keto mayonnaise variation and I’m so excited to share it with you all.

The best 4-ingredient homemade keto mayo.

Homemade Mayo That’s Keto Friendly and Oh So Yummy

This recipe only requires 4 ingredients plus salt, so you probably already have those ingredients sitting in your pantry right now.

Keto Mayo

Simply combine your egg, lemon juice and mustard in your bowl or mixer. Make sure it’s large enough to fit the head of your immersion blender. Add the avocado oil and let it settle, about 15 seconds. Once the oil has settled, place the head of the immersion blender at the bottom of the bowl or mixer and turn it on at high speed.

Keto Mayo

Leave it in the same spot for about 30 seconds or until you see a thick mayo-like consistency start to form by the bottom. As it continues to form, slowly tilt and lift the head of the immersion blender until the entire mixture has emulsified. Season with salt to taste until you’re satisfied.

Keto Mayo

Keto Mayo

Can You Make Mayonnaise Without Eggs?

If you prefer your mayonnaise without eggs, don’t worry because it can still be done. I have done plenty of recipes this way, and none of my guests have ever complained! Feel free to check out some of these eggless recipes by some of my go-to food blogs for a dose of inspiration:

Should Mayonnaise Be Refrigerated?

Yes and no. Typically, sealed and unopened mayonnaise you would typically get from the supermarket doesn’t have to be refrigerated. However, once it has been opened, it must be refrigerated. The same goes for this keto mayonnaise. Since it’s made from scratch, it must be stored properly and refrigerated right away.

Keto Mayo

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Can You Freeze Mayonnaise?

No, you cannot freeze mayonnaise because doing so will change the texture of the mayonnaise. The water and fat components will separate upon thawing, which is why it should be eaten fresh or simply refrigerated.

Why Isn’t My Mayonnaise Emulsifying?

If your mayonnaise isn’t emulsifying, don’t worry because some simple tweaks might help. Here are some concerns I ran into when I first started making homemade mayo:

  1. Use the right blender and/or attachment – If using an immersion blender, make sure to only use the head of the immersion blender and follow the directions exactly. If using a stand mixer, use a whisk attachment.
  2. Try adding the oil in slowly – In this recipe, I chose to add the avocado oil and give it time to settle before blending. However, you could start blending while adding in the oil at a very thin, steady stream.

How to Know if Mayonnaise is Expired

It’s normal for mayonnaise to smell a little tart because of the mustard. However, if your mayonnaise has changed in color or texture, or if you see signs of mold anywhere along the container, discard the entire container. On average, homemade mayonnaise can last for 2-3 days when properly stored and refrigerated.


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Keto Mayo

Easy 4-Ingredient Homemade Keto Mayo (This is the best!)



1 egg

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tsp Dijon mustard

1 cup avocado oil 

salt to taste    


  1. Place the egg, lemon juice and mustard in the blender cup or jar that just fits the head of your immersion blender.
  2. Add the avocado oil and allow to settle for 15 seconds.
  3. Place head of immersion blender at the bottom of cup and turn it on high speed. 
  4. Do not move the head for 30 seconds or until a white, creamy, thick mayo forms at the bottom by the head. 
  5. As mayonnaise forms, slowly tilt and lift the head of the immersion blender until all oil is emulsified.
  6. Season to taste with salt. 
  7. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.


  • Serving Size: 1
  • Calories: 31
  • Carbohydrates: .2g
  • Fat: 1.2g
  • Sugar: .1g
  • Protein: .9g
  • Fiber: 0g

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