Keto Foods

The best keto-friendly foods and recipes for low carb meals, snacks and desserts. Click below to learn more about a food and wether it’s keto-friendly or not, and actually good for a low carb, ketogenic diet.

Dairy and Dairy-Free Products: CheeseCottage CheeseCream CheeseMilkYogurtEggsHalf and HalfWhipped CreamCoconut MilkAlmond MilkCool Whip

Vegetables: MushroomsEggplantBroccoliCabbageAsparagusEdamameSummer SquashZucchiniCauliflowerOnionsLettuceGarlicArtichokesRadishesOlivesBell PeppersBrussel SproutsCucumbersOkra

Fruits: BlueberriesWatermelonStrawberriesTomatoesLemonsCherries

Nuts: PistachiosCashewsAlmondsPeanuts

Meat and Seafood: BaconShrimpSalamiHamPork RindsChicken WingsHot DogsPepperoni

Drinks and Alcohol WineVodkaCoffeeDiet Soda

Pantry: Peanut ButterPicklesMayoSoy SauceRanch DressingAlmond FlourCassava Flour

Sweeteners: AgaveTruviaSteviaAlluloseErythritolMaple Syrup

Popular Foods: BreadColeslawTofuDark ChocolateAlfredo SauceSalsaPestoMiso SoupEzekiel BreadKimchiDeviled EggsCauliflower Pizza

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