BreeHello! My name is Bree.

I am the creator and recipe developer for Keto Pots. If you need to contact me, feel free to email me at bree@ketopots.com or DM me on Pinterest or Facebook.

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Pure and simple, I LOVE food. Following a keto lifestyle can also be challenging (the carb cutting can be so, so hard, especially if you have a sweet tooth like me).

My single goal is to create food and Keto recipes that people love, no matter if you’re dieting or not.

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Many people turn to a keto lifestyle for different reasons, and all I want is for people like me to enjoy the foods they love, and have the recipes they need at their fingertips without needing to substitute ingredients or calculate macros.


I created KetoPots.com in 2019, but have been developing recipes for 10+ years now, both for my personal use and other projects/clients. While not a professional chef, I am a passionate home chef with decades of experience and knowledge.

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I know what tastes good, and how to develop recipes that are easy to make and cook well for every type and skill level of cook.

With over 500 recipes created by me, I have extensive experience with ketogenic recipes and making food that anyone can love, regardless of having dietary restrictions or none.

You can find my recipes featured on Chomps, Insanely Good Recipes, 40 Aprons, All Day I Dream About Food and many other great food blogs.

Please reach out if you need anything, want to work together or have any questions, and welcome to Keto Pots!

– Bree (bree@ketopots.com)

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